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Understanding the actual values of matters is  possible through understanding their origins.As the cognition human beings have  are consequently changing and developing , the values given to matters also change in parallel with the cognition that has changed. And this  shows that human understanding is at the value level of the things that they value. You know that according to human understanding, the origin of matters is something which is incomprehensible and invisible.

Let’s briefly remind, beginning from the factors causing manifestation of the principle of duality and value differentiation mechanism to the way it operates. First of all, let’s remember what is necessity, because behind the adjustment of the matters’ atomic structures being in an order there is this necessity.

In the light of the new information, the description of matter has to be done again.

As described, Matter is a component which is composing the ground for all influences and responding to these influences in varying proportions.

Let’s expand this.

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