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Seventy thousand years ago there were two big continents in the world and they collapsed and submerged into the ocean. The continents of the present world are the lands that emerged after the collapse. People who survived after the collapse of these two continents, spread across the new continents of the world. Life restarted. The new people of the world who were having hard days fell apart from each other for thousands of years.

Human beings who fell apart from each other established their own villages, towns, cities and governments on their own places and developed their own civilizations by the time of progress. And today, the civilization that the world has reached at shows the distance that humanity has covered in seventy thousand years.

The world’s evolving life and the evolving lives of plants, animals and human beings living on it are shifted and realigned routinely every seventy thousand years. Today in conjunction with the melting ice on the poles, the world is preparing for a great shift and approaching swiftly to the end of time allocated for it. When the ice on the world’s poles melts completely, the world will shift itself to the core and realign itself.

But what’s more important is the information about the reasons of the presence of life on earth and the reason why it begins and it ends and why it has to restart afterwards and this which is the information that has been remained secret until today has much greater value than the world’s great shift.

This private site exists to make the significant information about the future of the world and humanity be heard. You will find all the information that you might need in the book called The Divine Order and The Universe which was given to humanity as a gift by extraterrestrial beings.  Since every human being has the right to learn, you do not have to be a member.

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